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About Russian political party DRUGG

Organizational committee on creation of political party DRUGG of RF was registered on 29th March 2005.

Constituent congress of political party DRUGG of RF took place on 17th March 2006:

The Constituent congress created and approved the leading bodies of Russian political party DRUGG: Supreme Council of political party DRUGG, General Council of political party DRUGG, and Central controlling-auditing commission of political party DRUGG. Grigoriy Grabovoi is elected the Chairman of the Council of Political party DRUGG.

“Russian newspaper” officially published the main provisions of political party DRUGG of RF on 3rd May 2006.

Currently the work on preparation to registration of political party DRUGG of RF in the Ministry of Justice is being carried out.

Political party DRUGG is a people’s party with a people’s program.

Constitution of each country defends people.

The main ideological task of political party DRUGG is eternal development of every person. These are not just personal tasks. The civilization and the society have a lot of problem situations due to global armament and great number of man-caused risks.

Therefore provision of Eternal development is not just a wish; it is, generally speaking, a necessity. Keeping to this idea makes it necessary to solve all problems radically in order to eliminate usage of any type of arms.

Our ideology is complete restoration to the norm of any negatively changed value. Everyone should join at the level of this task instead of considering who did and what and how much. Any region of the Earth requires equal attention. A person can work on any region because the universal tasks on macro-salvation are valid everywhere. The main level of control is salvation of people.

Macro-regulation is the process of initial powerful impulse of macro-salvation.

The system of macro-salvation is the system of universal action with the point of view of the soul of every person with true human qualities of the human morals.

In order to act universally you should be able to equalize territorial, physical, and personal systems in the term of provision of Eternal development.

Control is a concrete action. We should learn to solve all tasks, i.e. set up goals by one impulse.

The party activity is a broad educational activity; this is a system of intensive distribution of knowledge. We transfer knowledge about the system of macro-salvation. We follow completely constitutional way: no revolutions; the usual system of legal relations, which is based on the Constitution. We set up a task to provide legal and social basis for ourselves and work as much as possible spreading the knowledge. We do not violate any laws of any countries.

It is necessary to strengthen the system of exact forecasting control, it is necessary to know the future events in order to control in a way creative for everyone.

Politics is a means to solve tasks of people. A registered party should work for the society. As a rule all parties are registered based on creative systems of actions. Therefore we take into consideration interaction with all social-political systems of the society. It is necessary to improve them and integrate in order to avoid problems to be solved in the future; it is important to learn to work irrespective of the distance.

Publications of party DRUGG congresses are real training manuals on structuring of consciousness, on opening of clairvoyance in term of forecast control, on training of controllers-technologists of the Eternal Life.

The party members are trained at the congresses through various systems: series of numbers, letters, words, time, space, color, form, and sound, as well as through the Soul, Spirit, and Consciousness, and the form of the physical body. You learn to control the events of the past, present (current) and future through these systems, you are taught predictive vision of the future events.

The task of control is to be able to rectify any situation to the norm without violation the natural current of a man’s life. You guarantee the absolute protection to people when you understand your internal, personal and at the same time initial and principal task.

It is necessary to control your own actions and infinite systems. It is necessary to apprehend the infinite systems from the point of view of these systems being favorable for everyone including you.

True harmony is the correct reaction to the situation.

Eternal development implies control of you image at the eternity and carrying out of controlling action on the whole space of the reality.

The technologies of Eternal development imply rectification of the negative events of the past to the norm.

Therefore it is necessary to create equality and universality of transfer of technologies at this point. We give people an instrument that quickly solves the problem that is around them.

These technologies give a real help to those people who have no means for treatment.

The task of macro-salvation goes through all the stages of the civilization development.

The structure of predictive control depends on the solution of the macro-task and its range. It is necessary to consider the processes globally tracking all interrelations in information. If a task has appeared it means that the solution of the task has been already provided. It is necessary just to find the right way and take into considerations all connections through the technologies of predictive control. You will be able to solve your local private tasks only through setting up of a macro-task and fixed technology of predictive control.

If you solve regional tasks the same technology solves the tasks of every particular person. Everything that happens in the World is correlated with the current events through the problems of the same type.

It is necessary to adapt the program of Eternal development, the program of the party to exact conditions in various regions and in various countries.

It is necessary to inform timely population about the ideas of the norm and the eternal development.

From the point of view of economic regulation, it is necessary to direct any movement of any systems, including financial ones to the structure of eternal development.

The task of control in the economy is the transfer of information of Eternal development to the field of economy.

The economic model and economic structure are inseparable from the task of provision with resources of a certain person for eternal development. It is important to inform every concrete person about the whole essence of the program and provide a possibility to the person to participate in this program. Distribution to people of 10 % of the gross domestic product is a collective participation in control, where people will be interested in development of the country’s economy.

The increase of material systems and the guarantee for the future is a powerful level of education and potential of the action, which will be provided mainly by productively working population. In the course of time a possibility of decrease of cost of power to free level will be considered in order to attract investment for construction of science intensive productions.

Attraction of people to realization of the goals of macro-salvation and establishment of life eternity is more realized in personal propaganda of every member of party DRUGG and in his personal results. Leadership is the structure of personal control. A person should popularize the way of actions, the system of knowledge, technologies of eternal development, exactly this system of life by his personal behavior, or his ideals, postulates, and actions.

Everyone could be just asked a question: What a person can do for the region from the point of view of Eternal development?

Currently people speak a lot bout revolutionary development of equipment; however they forget to develop their consciousness. The man is the concentrator of information of macro and micro-world. According to the system of universal connections the man is connected with the information of any element in any point of space / time. Therefore, everything that takes place on the Earth, all the events of the world are directly related to every person, also affecting his health and the space surrounding him.

The Teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoi is not a sect, because a “sect” is a group deviating from some canonic fundamentals of one of the basic religions. The Teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoi and being organized party of his supporters DRUGG according to their ideology completely correspond to all religions of the world; they are completely creative. The Teachings considers in details technologies of creative harmonic development and achievement of well-being and happy future in all the fields of human life.

The teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoi is a science, which considers the single root of manifestation of life on the Earth, macro and micro-world, social environment, politics, culture, economics, education, medicine, religion and other fields of life. Technologies of Salvation are universal and are transferred instantly at a super speed to any object of information, to any point of space/ time improving and normalizing any system. We join and integrate all possible fields of knowledge, which exist just for the purpose of salvation of civilization.

Generally speaking this is for people to live normally.


About the program of party DRUGG see:

The main provisions of the program of political part DRUGG of Russian Federation// RUSSIAN NEWSPAPER. – 3RD May 2006. – No 92 (4058). – C.23.

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